Demo Materials

Demo Reel 2016: Music

I wrote a ton of music for all sorts of projects in 2016, so I went ahead and put together a proper music reel containing the tracks I’m the most proud of. Genres include classical, electronic, jazz, and chiptune, often in combination. If you want to hear my latest work, this is the place to start!

Demo Reel 2016: Angry Bots with Unity

I spent the fall of 2016 taking the School of Video Game Audio Unity class and this is the resulting reel! My goal was to to learn more about Unity, improve my audio scripting skills, and show off how I’ve improved since last year’s reel, and I think this video does a pretty good job of showing exactly that. I hope you enjoy it!

Unity Demo Reel – Angry Bots from Emily Meo on Vimeo.

Demo Reel 2015: Cube with Wwise

This is the demo reel I’ve put together with the help of the School of Video Game Audio Wwise class! The focus is on the integration of sound effects and interactive music using Audiokinetic’s Wwise. I worked very hard on this reel, and I hope you enjoy it.

Wwise Demo Reel – Cube from Emily Meo on Vimeo.

Collaborative Demo Reel 2015: Sailor Moon

This video was a collaboration between myself and Geoffrey Greer, and features the voice talents of Whitney Bundock. We took a clip of the classic 1992 Sailor Moon anime, took out all of it’s audio, and replaced it with our own. I composed all the music, Geoffrey helped with the mixing, and we worked together on all the sound effects and ADR. We’re all long-time Sailor Moon fans, and we had a lot of fun putting this together. More of Geoffrey’s work can be found here.

2015: Hi-Score

I did the sound design for Hi-Score, a short animated film directed by Mary Jane Whiting over at Ringling College of Art + Design. This film presented many interesting foley challenges, and it was really fun to work on.

Hi-Score from Mary Jane Whiting on Vimeo.